Supply chain strategy for highways products

The Challenge

National Highways were carrying out a review of the way in which noise barriers were procured and whether there were better ways to reduce cost and carbon and stimulate innovation and competition.

The Solution

Priestland Consulting was engaged to carry out an independent review of the noise barrier marketplace, looking at a range of technologies from wood to concrete and recycled plastic. We held structured meetings with a number of suppliers and considered the implications of current standards on supply chain dynamics.

The Outcome

We were able to make a number of recommendations about the way in which current and potential future suppliers of noise barriers could be encouraged to come up with new products and solutions. This contributed to the Category Management strategy for noise barriers, in the context of National Highways’ plans for Net Zero.

what the client said

Ken McCoard from the Strategic Procurement Team said: “PCL fielded an experienced team with a range of skills and abilities and a deep knowledge of the construction sector. Working with PCL allowed National Highways to develop the strategy more quickly and in greater depth than would otherwise have been possible”


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