Advice on Strategy and the Digitisation of Construction

The Challenge

Travis Perkins (TP) operates several businesses that supply building products – drywall, building insulation and civils to name three.  The challenge is to develop credible strategies for growth, including technology and data where appropriate, while keeping the day-to-day focus on delivery.

The Solution

Priestland Consulting was appointed to act as ‘critical friend’ to two of the Travis Perkins businesses, working with the management team to challenge and critique the proposed strategy.  This included looking at new markets and considering potential new entrants, as well as making introductions to a number of relevant start-ups and other technology providers who can help differentiate the TP offering.  (The start-ups in question had capabilities in carbon calculation, managing waste and the development of new materials). 

Priestland also helped form the thoughts around TP’s ‘Whole House’ concept (parameterised digital design).  This was launched in April 2023 as a BIM-enabled tool that allows regional house builders to plan, design and configure an entire home in a matter of hours.

Priestland also worked with TP on proposals for lower carbon products for the road network, where the benefits of TP’s logistics and delivery expertise here a major component of the carbon reduction.

The Outcome

Priestland Consulting’s input helped lead to refreshed strategies for two of the TP operating businesses, supporting access to new markets and bringing in technology in support of a change agenda.  TP also successfully launched its Whole House platform in March 2023.

what the client said

Chris Bosworth, Group Strategy Director at Travis Perkins, said: “We enjoyed working with PCL, highly relevant advice and insight spanning the construction industry and tailored to suit our needs.”


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